Supporting Children’s Mental Health with Meditation

As a self-help author I’ve shared a snippet of my story as well as information about my Meditation for Children book published last year. I’ve spoken about how meditation can benefit children. I’ve also included one of the meditations from the book and some instructions on how to perform a meditation for parents or guardians. I can also provide you with colouring sheets if you wish.

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Molly Windsor: Why I support The Buddy Bag Foundation

By Linda Aitchison
A gripping new crime drama series starring Line of Duty’s Martin Compston and Cheat’s Molly Windsor is set to hit our TV screens.
Molly is already known for tackling harrowing parts — from a grooming victim in Three Girls, to the disturbingly ambitious Rose in Cheat.
But did you know that the 22-year-old Bafta award-winner has another role she treasures just as much?
That’s supporting The Buddy Bag Foundation.
We grabbed five minutes with her to find out more.
Q: Why do you support the Buddy Bag Foundation?
A: I support The Buddy Bag Foundation because the personal act of kindness, of giving a child a buddy bag, is invaluable when they are arriving into emergency care. These few essentials aim to help towards restoring their sense of security in what may be a very confusing and scary time for a child.
Q: What made you get involved?
A: I heard about the scheme though the passion of the volunteers who told me about the great work the charity was doing. After attending a bag packing I saw what a positive thing it was for everyone involved.
Q: How are you able to support the charity?
A: The charity is supported by everyone’s belief in the work they are doing. Together, I hope that by talking about their work we encourage people to donate their time or products or money we can make sure that these children receive the kindness that so many of us want to show them in a difficult time.
Q: Is there anyone in your own life or you have got to know through your work that has been in such a desperate situation where a Buddy Bag may have been a great thing to receive?
A: I think it’s easy to see everyone needs some kindness when they are going through a tough time; it is so difficult for these children who may not understand the situation fully but still feel the effects of it. A Buddy Bag is a brilliant gift as it offers essentials like toiletries and offers that little bit of support that is specific for children in emergency care.
Q: Having played such hard-hitting roles in Three Girls and Cheat, can you think of any parallels with the work of the Buddy Bag Foundation and how this can help you see the organisation is making a real difference to children and women fleeing domestic violence?
A: It is so important to support women that are fleeing domestic violence. Depending on the situation, recognising domestic violence and then finding the courage to flee is a huge step to make which I think needs to be met with nothing but support. Buddy Bags are a basic step of necessary care that makes a huge difference in the lives of these women and their children.

Q: Do you find this a rewarding role?
A: The BBF does show you the impact that the bags have on the children through the postcards they can send back. I know this reaffirms the belief myself, the volunteers, and the charity are making a difference to these people’s lives at a difficult time. I support charities because I think their work is necessary, I would say I find the roles make me more driven to continue aiding their work in any way I can to make sure it continues.

A massive thanks to Molly for her time and support with this interview.
• Alibi’s first original drama series Traces will premiere on Monday, December 9 at 9pm, with the second episode airing the following day.

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Giving back on their Global Day of Service

Alexion Pharma UK

Alexion is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on serving patients and families affected by rare diseases through the discovery, development and commercialisation of life-changing therapies.

Alexion’s ambition is to be the global leader in rare diseases, an audacious goal for sure.
Serving patients with rare diseases and their families is their unwavering mission. Often, these diseases have limited or no treatment options and can leave patients and their families feeling isolated and alone. Every day they are inspired to find answers that will transform the lives of patients with rare disease and the generations that follow.

They never shy away from daunting challenges because they’re fighting for patients who often have no other options – many of whom are infants and children.

They are building a rewarding place to work where people are empowered to make a difference. Their legacy will be measured in the families they serve today and the generations that follow.

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Buddy Bag Foundation Celebrations

Watching the work of The Buddy Bag Foundation through social media only gives you a glimpse of the work that goes on behind the scenes. Since it’s inception in 2015, its mission is to support 20,200 children fleeing domestic violence by 2020. On Thursday 20th September, at the 15,000 Bag Celebrations and Awards Ceremony, we could see how far the charity has come in such a short time.

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Carousel supports buddy bag foundation – making a difference to children in emergency care

Carousel is delighted to continue its support for the Buddy Bag Foundation; an inspiring charity that supplies essential items to children who arrive in emergency accommodation. Having begun working with Buddy Bags back in April 2016 Carousel is so pleased to see the charity continue to go from strength to strength. On a monthly basis,…

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