Karen is a Mumpreneur and founder of the Buddy Bag Foundation.

Karen has a positive ‘make it happen’ attitude and can draw upon over thirty years of business experience and the relevant skills to realise her objectives.

Karen is passionate about making a difference to the lives of others.

“I was raised in a stable, loving and safe household and given all the love, support and opportunity I could ever have asked for.

However not every child has the same upbringing I was privileged to have had. As a mother I wanted to do something to help children who have had a difficult start in life, that is why I started the Buddy Bag Foundation. With the help and support of many likeminded people, our aim is to give as many children as possible the extra love and support they need to guide them towards a happy, balanced and fulfilling future.”

Karen is the very proud mother of three positive, caring and goal directed young adults and grandmother to three adorable grandchildren.

In her spare time Karen enjoys yoga, meditation, practising mindfulness, walking, cycling, running, travel and personal development”

Karen has an innate ability to see the very best in people and the charm, personality and charisma to induce acts of benevolence from those whose hearts she touches.

Her enthusiasm, passion and seemingly inexhaustible drive is not only a joy to behold, it inspires people of good conscience to follow her on a shared mission.

Karen’s main business Utility Warehouse has given her the Time Freedom to follow her passion and purpose to set up a charity and make a difference to children.

The Buddy Bag Foundation continues to enjoy strong and robust growth, both in terms of the children it reaches and the charity’s public profile. Recent recognition such Karen being a Lorraine Kelly – Women of the Year Finalist and being awarded the prime minister ‘Points of Light’ award for outstanding charitable work as well as numerous regional awards have contributed greatly to this.

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