“Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and connect better with your own

working community and can help strengthen those relationships. Being seen doing

something like this, especially as we did it in the canteen, I hope made onlookers think that they’d like to do something similar, so not always offsite events like painting fences or shaking a collection tin. It was great to help a smaller lesser known charity as well.”

Vodaphone Contact Centre, Stoke

“When we heard about the compassionate and heart warming work being carried out by this local charity, we were keen to support. The Buddy Bags Foundation plays a

significant role in restoring security into a child’s life during traumatic times and I’m

really proud of the team here for getting involved in the bag pack and making the job a huge success.”

Amazon – Rugeley

One family who came into refuge accommodation commented how the buddy bag had made things a little easier for her children coming into refuge and that she is grateful of this. It’s lovely to be able to give our families something practical for their children when using our service.

Womans Refuge

Mothers have been in tears when they see what is there for the children and have said it makes them feel better about the decision to move the children into a refuge.

Womans Refuge

These bags give so many excited smiles of children and relief for the parents who are maybe feeling guilty because they’ve left their child’s pyjama’s, their toothbrush or their favourite teddy behind. You do an absolutely awesome job!

Womans Refuge

When the children arrive at the refuge they are so excited to see the Buddy Bags on their beds. They enjoy emptying the bags to see the contents. This eases their arrival at the refuge. The contents are varied and everything they need to help to settle in the refuge.

Womans Refuge

I joined The Buddy bag Foundation as an Ambassador after hearing Karen Williams speak at a networking event and jumped at the chance to offer my services to this amazing charity. The BBF is run by volunteers in every aspect of the charity so that 100% of the donations raised are invested directly into each Buddy Bag. Every volunteer and their contribution, big or small, is valued by the foundation. Karen drives the charity from strength to strength and works tirelessly with everyone involved to reach the aim which is to help every child that comes into emergency care. To be able to physically take part in a Buddy Pack gives volunteers first hand knowledge of the value and support that these bags give to the children who receive them. It’s a wonderful cause with a clear goal to help children in emergency care with 100% of the money raised being used to buy the bags and their contents. Working together with other volunteers and businesses to help achieve this is aim is extremely satisfying. Knowing you are able to help make a difference to children whose lives a torn apart is a privilege and a way for me to help others by repaying the kindness given to me in my hour of need many years ago.

Imogen Allen

I volunteered for a buddy bag pack in York and it was so amazing to actually take part, most charities you just donate money and never really see where it goes, but not with the Buddy Bag Foundation! Karen explained the importance of the bags and what it means to the children and their mums, I was astonished at how many families it affects each year. Then to physically pack the items, knowing that the next time they get unpacked will bring a smile and some comfort to a little boy or girl was really heart warming. I went away feeling really proud of what a difference we all made in those few hours!

Daisy Harris