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Every year 48000 children in the UK require emergency care. A regular donation is the most effective way you can help the Buddy Bag Foundation to continue with our mission to make a difference to children who are living through a traumatic experience. We use every penny of your donation to help children in their hour need.

Who We Are

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide Buddy Bags to children who arrive in emergency accommodation without the essential items they need for their comfort and wellbeing.

Our Misson

Our mission is to make a difference to children who are living through a traumatic experience. By providing each child with a Buddy Bag we can help to restore a sense of safety and security.

Make a Difference

Making a donation is a simple and direct way to support our work. With our tangible cause - that benefits children in care directly - you can transform the lives of children and actually see where your support goes. We guarantee that 100% of all donations will go towards providing the Buddy Bags for children in need. Administration costs are covered by the Founders. When fundraising we endeavour to deliver Buddy Bags to your local women’s refuge.
There are many ways you can raise money to help provide Buddy Bags. Remember fundraising can be done anywhere – at work, at home, on your own or as part of a group. From jumping out of a plane, dressing up as a super hero, organising a raffle, to fire walking. Buddy Bag fundraisers can do almost anything to make a difference to children who have been victims of domestic violence!
The Foundation is continually seeking donations of products and services that can be used in a silent auction or main auction items at our events. We are also looking for bulk donations or wholesale rates for products that are suitable for our Buddy Bags
Thank you for considering The Buddy Bag Foundation to speak at your event. We are passionate about raising awareness through our informative talks about the work our Foundation is doing to support children across the UK.

Achievements So Far

Buddy Bags Packed
Buddy Bag Brigades

We are committed to 100% of the monies raised going into the supply of Buddy Bags!

What the Refuges Say

The bags have been a huge success here! The kids love them. We usually put one in their bedroom so when they come into Refuge it is waiting there for them. The mums have always commented on how nice they are and they have been particularly helpful for ladies who come to the Refuge with very few belongings.  Thanks again for your support.
Our children loved the Buddy Bags! One Mum and her children moved into our Refuge but the youngest boy of 3 had no shoes and was upset. During registration we gave out the Buddy Bags. He asked if the bag was his…yes…all mine....yes!  He opened the  bag and took out the toothbush, his pyjamas,  his book and knitted dog and he beamed! He said “This is all mine - I like my new home!” We did manage to buy him shoes too!  He started Nursery yesterday wearing his new shoes and taking his bag
Pendle Refuge
Just to let you know – we think that the bags are absolutely brilliant!  I don’t know whether you have actually ever given a child one yourself but all we can say is that it has always brought a big grin to their faces and as you say, they have something to call their  own. Taking a teddy to bed to cuddle and wearing a new pair of pyjamas  - it is surprising what a difference it makes to children.  Thank you so, so much! They are really appreciated.