Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR, centres around embracing and giving back to your local community. Companies throughout the UK are reaping the benefits of making a difference and engaging with their local causes, plus raising their profile whilst doing so.

So, why should you get involved with The Buddy Bag Foundation?

  1. You can make a positive impact in YOUR area

  • 100% of money raised goes directly back into local communities.
  • You can join us for one of our upcoming Buddy Bag Brigades
  1. Creates fantastic exposure for your brand

  • What better way to strengthen your brand by associating with a worthwhile cause?
  • We have the incredible support of our star Patrons
  1. Strengthens relationships with your customers

  • By supporting your local community, this will have a huge positive impact on your customer relationships, showing them you care.
  • Our social presence is felt within the community and online via our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  1. Encourages employee engagement and attracts potential employees

  • In helping local causes, it will make your company desirable to potential employees and your current employees will be proud to be giving something back.
  • You can view case studies from the companies we have worked with through our Corporate Partnerships here
  1. Enhances client relationships

  • Just like your employees, giving back to your local community shows you in an extremely positive light to your client base.
  • Visit our Postcard gallery to see why our Buddy Bags are loved so much!
  1. Helps to build your team, boosting self improvement for all

  • Playing a vital part in our bag pack events helps communication, compassion and self fulfilment for the whole team.
  • Our Buddy Bag Brigade events welcome all ages & abilities, showing how working together can make such a difference!

What Our Partners Say

How can your company get involved with the Buddy Bag foundation?

There are various ways –

  1. Choose us as your charity of the year with a regular donation

Simply complete the monthly direct debit form to contribute a regular donation which will make all the difference to children who vitally need your help.

  1. Host a Buddy Bag Brigade Bag Packing Event

This is a half day event in which 180 Buddy Bags are packed by six teams of between 20-180 people, creating a highly valuable and rewarding team building event.

Hosted at a venue of your choice, one of our Buddy Bag Ambassadors will attend to talk through the cause as well as providing support during the event.

In turn, this event will support your local community – the bags you pack are delivered to refuges in your area meaning you will help directly to change lives. This will increase staff morale, boost staff perceptions towards you, the employer and gives your team the opportunity to work together in a fun and incredibly worthwhile environment.

  1. Fundraise

Each Buddy Bag costs just £25, imagine what a fundraising event could achieve and how many bags you could raise money for?

  1. Donating Goods

We work with a range of people who donate or discount the items for the Buddy Bags. If you are able to donate any of the following, please let us know!  • Rucksacks • Pyjamas • Underwear • Children books • Toiletries • Photo frames • Colouring books, pencils and pens.

  1. Donate your services

100% of donations go directly to the cause, meaning that we rely on donated services. Can you help us with design, marketing, distribution, storage, PR, writers, web development? Get in touch if so!

  1. Become a Buddy Bag Foundation Angel

For just £100 per month, you can become one of our much loved angels, contributing to developing our community whilst promoting your business through our website, ceremonies and trustee meetings.

  1. Payroll Giving

A fantastically simple scheme that enables individuals to donate to a charity of their choice each month, directly from their pay check, making donations both quick and cost effective.

Making a donation couldn’t be simpler! Choose from one off or monthly donations via our donations page or contact us directly to discuss the various ways listed above, together with can continue to make a difference to the 48000 children in the UK that require emergency care each year.

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